Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Impartiality of God under scrutiny

I think a lot. I think about everything. I think about nature. I think about the turnout of events. I think about the workings of events of life. I think about economy and politics. Particularly, what makes some thick and others thin. I listen to all. I reason about what they have to offer. And I allow my critical mind to work even when asleep. Think with me; virtually everyone belief God is impartial; the sane knows that. But, realities or facts around may suggest otherwise, though that cannot negate the truth. Opportunity to rising and to limelight may not be equal. So, what’s the truth? What demonstrate the impartiality of nature? So many, but, principally; time and mind. They are the universal currencies and the common denominations spent by the humanity. They are the same irrespective of race, colour, background and whatever. Everybody in the human race have 24hrs each day. Nobody has more and nobody has less. 

The nature does not cheat anyone. How you make use of your 24hrs makes all the difference. What are you doing with your 24hrs; Sleeping, dreaming, activating, watching, walking, working, socializing, pinging, chatting, browsing, learning, spectating or what? Also, the ‘mind’ is given to all. The use, the un-use and the abuse is a matter of individuals. It’s a proven fact, that ‘oil is useless without the mind’ and all natural resources are useless without the mind. In other words, the problem is not the availability or non-availability of natural and unnatural resources but the dormancy, corruption and unused of the mind. How are you making use of your time and mind? Your response is critical to ‘change’ and the moving forward of You, this Nation and the World at large. What do you say?

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