Friday, 17 February 2017

Wisdom begins

*      When you decide to be wise 
*      When you begin to learn before you earn
*      When you begin to accept rebuke and correction
*      When you begin to think ahead before you act
*      When you become proactive not reactive
*      When you begin to act your belief
*      When you begin to factor others into consideration
*      When you learn to bury your greed and sentiment to make critical decisions
*      When you decide never to be a ‘YES’ man. 
*      When you learn how to say ‘NO’ without hurting the feeling of anybody or opposition. A wise man must learn ‘how’ to say no – the fools swallow everything
*      When you deliberately choose something worthwhile to pursue for the rest of your life.
*      When you begin to channel your resources of time, energy, skill, competence and money in pursuit of your passion.  
*      When you learn to close a door gently despite the anger, accusation, confrontation and wickedness done you, such that knocking same door again is not a problem. When you are closing a door, close it gently, because there may be need to knock same door again. 

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