Thursday, 15 June 2017

Handling losses. . Redeeming the time

You cannot win everybody or everything at every time. And you cannot lose everything and everybody at the same time. The good thing about life is, you don’t need to win everybody’s vote or endorsement to be successful.
 Men and Women will always walk in and out of your life whether you like it or not. Borrow a leave from the the perfect master, Jesus Christ, ‘After Jesus said these things, many of his many followers left him. They stopped following Jesus. Jesus asked the twelve apostles, ‘Do you want to leave too? John. 6:66-67.(ERV).

It wasn’t that Jesus left them, they left him. Just as Lot separated himself from Father Abraham and not the reverse. Jesus lost at least 5000 – member congregation that day as a result of his undiluted and UN-compromised message and teaching. I guess losing was not a big deal to him because, he was even asking the 12 if they were ready to follow suit.

Losses are real. But, you can handle them. Crisis will come even without legal invitation. In fact, it may not even be your fault. Shaking is coming. God will shake away certain people and things from you. And, He will use certain things to shake you away from certain things or people. Get ready so that you won’t be caught unaware and unprepared.

What are your losses? Is it your Joy, Happiness, Family, Mother, Husband, Wife, Children, Salvation, Dignity, Reputation, Significance, Honour, Position, disposition, Mind, Integrity, Health, Wealth, Fortune, or Prosperity to mention but few? Don’t lose focus...Don’t lose God! The big questions are, how do I handle my losses, regrets, disappointments, wasted years, wasted efforts, misappropriation and the likes and at the same time redeem the time? Well, who else could teach us than the man who once lost all and recovered all: The Prodigal Son. Listen to his story.

‘When he came to his senses, he said, how many of my Father’s hired men have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! I will set out and go back to my Father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you..So he got up and went to his Father. Lk. 15:17-20. (NIV). 

Reflection: Before you blame the withes, wizard, government, economy, politics or anybody take enough time to reason out, ruminate and reflect on your past and the cause of your predicament. What do you think you should have done that you didn’t do or that you did that shouldn’t have done? The Prodigal son took stock and did not
blame any because, haven come to his senses he knew he was the problem not the situation he found himself. Saul told his servant if we can’t find what is lost, don’t get lost. When you find yourself other lost things will locate you.

Decision: The man made up his mind without further consultation. Indecision is a decision in disguise. Decision enhances performance. He decided to go back and he did. Stop regretting your Lot. Make up your  mind now on what next to do and go ahead and just do it, period!

Humility to reconcile: Restitution breeds reconciliation. Once you are ready to restitute, the result is you’ll be reconciled. Do you have enough humility to confess, amend, adjust and feel sorry? Why not reconcile with your creator, sponsorship, business partners and associates or may be your next-door neighbor today! Pick your phone and call him/ her now for reconciliation! Do it NOW! And put the devil to shame!

Embrace hope: There is always hope. No hopeless situation but hopeless people. Your case or situation is not hopeless. No loss is fatal hope is greater than loss, and faith is greater than failures.

Count your blessing: Being shortsighted will blind you to left over treasures and blessing. The devil strategically and systematically launched his attack against Job to destroy him. However, Job did not lose everything or everybody. For instance, the wife was alive, his three wise and wealthy friends and God’s  breath in his nostril were  the left over in his hands?  How are you handling the pieces or the remnant? Anything in your hands and in your life can multiply. It begins with doing something tangible, reasonable and profitable with it. When there is life there is hope!

Recovery prayers: To undermine the place and power of prayers is to be crippled eternally physically and spiritually. Sometimes its isn’t that we don’t pray but we don’t pray prevailingly. And if you fail to travail prevailingly in prayer, you will prevail travailingly in hardness. The prayer of the righteous the bible says make things happen. James 5:16-17. If you fail to pray, you pray to fail. If you don’t pray regularly you will die gradually. Therefore Pray! Pray! Always Pray! Understand !

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