Sunday, 8 October 2017


It is not everybody that is thinking about YOU. And, to be candid, you are not, and cannot be thinking about everybody too. Differences abound between; 

1. Asking before receiving,
2. Thinking for you, and
3. Thinking about you
By way of illustration; you may need to either humble or humiliate yourself to ask some people for help, which may or may not guarantee receiving. Many may be thinking for You, perhaps because you engage or pay them to. But, none of those is applicable for those thinking about You.
Second Kings Chapter number four verses nine and ten confirms; she said to her husband, "Behold now, I perceive that this is a holy man of God passing by us continually. 10 "Please, let us make a little walled upper chamber and let us set a bed for him there, and a table and a chair and a lamp stand; and it shall be, when he comes to us, that he can turn in there." NASU

Unfortunately, those thinking about you are not just few, but rare to come by.  Sampling or conducting opinion poll of your so-called friends, associates, partners, colleagues, well-wishers and even family members will attest to this dangerous truth. Selah. Therefore, discern, connect and appreciate those people that are thinking about you, your family, your peace, comfort, well-being, future, dream, career, project and ministry. Do not be ashamed to ask. Do not neglect or despise those that are thinking for You. But, appreciate specially and treat with honour and dignity those that are thinking ABOUT YOU! I sincerely appreciate those that are thinking about me and my ministry; Gideon Ayooluwa Olatuyi, Adigun Timothy, Agbonfioror Philips, Oladele Abiodun, Komolafe Kayode Kingsley, Deaconess Oyewole, the Oyewoles, Oluwatobi Titilayo OJD and a host of others whose names are not mentioned for want of space. Because, it is a blessing and rare honour to have you all thinking about me!

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