Monday, 9 October 2017

Change is geography

Change simply means geography, relocate, re-position, exposure, and environmental. What’s your definition of change? Change, most often when used, connotes attitudinal, character, orientation, manner and mentality transformation, renewal and refinement. But the major enhancer of the aforementioned is geographical, locational and positional change. Change of environment or exposure to a new world leads to mental upgrade. When you relocate or change environment…it radically and drastically alter your attitude, culture, values, manner, character, orientation, thinking, perception and mentality. You definitely wear a new look altogether. A new you emerge with time. We are products of environment! The first question God ever asked humanity. Where are you? A question of geography but the man supplied a biological answer, ‘I am naked’. Where you are (place, environment and geography) determines your definition and concept about life and consequently your economy. Change simply means relocate, geography, re-position, exposure, and environmental.

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