Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Litmus/Acidic Test of True Wisdom

The test of wisdom is not in how vast you are in learning.
It is not in how much you know.
It is not in how much you can offer/deliver.
It is not in how intelligent you are.
It is not in how dull you seem to be
It is not in how clever, smart or slow you look.
It is not in how oratory you are in speech.
It is not in how eloquent you are in speech.
It is not in how accurate your judgment is.
In fact, it is not in “how always right, correct, precise and accurate your judgements are! ”
It is in how humble you are.
It is in how corrigible you are.
It is in how much you are ready to take correction either when you are wrong.
It is in how much you can swallow your pride.
I mean it is in how much you can swallow your pride when conversation or discourse does not go your way.
It is in how much you could swallow your pride even when you are Right but the issue, matter, discourse or the point of discussion does not go your way.

Prov 9:8-10
Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you;
rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still;
teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

You could be Praised for 24hrs and forget the Praise so soon but, always remember that little insult in the midst of the 24hrs. Somebody could praise and commend you for the next one hour but the only thing you will not forget is the area of disagreement. And this is pride. You must learn to swallow your pride. Perhaps you need to know that;

You will not always have your way because, your most honest advice, opinion will be rejected one day!
You will not always have things done in your own way even if/when you are Right!
You will not always win the argument all the times.
You will not always be right all the times.
Therefore, you must learn to always tolerate and celebrate others because, he that compete with another is not complete. Your most accurate counsel and advice will face rejection and opposition willfully or otherwise one day. Would you kill yourself for that? You must always learn to swallow your pride to give others the chance to reign or have their way also. You must imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship.

Ahitophelic Case Study!
2 Sam 16:21-23; Ahithophel answered, "Lie with your father's concubines whom he left to take care of the palace. Then all Israel will hear that you have made yourself a stench in your father's nostrils, and the hands of everyone with you will be strengthened."

So they pitched a tent for Absalom on the roof, and he lay with his father's concubines in the sight of all Israel.

Now in those days the advice Ahithophel gave was like that of one who inquires of God. That was how both David and Absalom regarded all of Ahithophel's advice. 2 Sam 17:1-12 NIV

Ahithophel said to Absalom, "I would choose twelve thousand men and set out tonight in pursuit of David.

I would attack him while he is weary and weak. I would strike him with terror, and then all the people with him will flee. I would strike down only the king

and bring all the people back to you. The death of the man you seek will mean the return of all; all the people will be unharmed."

This plan seemed good to Absalom and to all the elders of Israel.

But Absalom said, "Summon also Hushai the Arkite, so we can hear what he has to say."

When Hushai came to him, Absalom said, "Ahithophel has given this advice. Should we do what he says? If not, give us your opinion."

Hushai replied to Absalom, "The advice Ahithophel has given is not good this time.

You know your father and his men; they are fighters, and as fierce as a wild bear robbed of her cubs. Besides, your father is an experienced fighter; he will not spend the night with the troops.

Even now, he is hidden in a cave or some other place. If he should attack your troops first, whoever hears about it will say, 'There has been a slaughter among the troops who follow Absalom.'

Then even the bravest soldier, whose heart is like the heart of a lion, will melt with fear, for all Israel knows that your father is a fighter and that those with him are brave.

"So I advise you: Let all Israel, from Dan to Beersheba - as numerous as the sand on the seashore - be gathered to you, with you yourself leading them into battle.

When Ahithophel saw that his advice had not been followed, he saddled his donkey and set out for his house in his hometown. He put his house in order and then hanged himself. So he died and was buried in his father's tomb. NIV

Caution of Wisdom
The more you know the more your teachers reduces. 
The more you know the more those who will correct you will be far away from you.
The more you know the more your teachers become little in your sight.
When Solomon thought he knew and nobody was wise enough to correct  him
his wisdom become corrupt. May you and your wisdom never be corrupt.
Without taking anything away from this piece, I think James 3:13-18, will compliment this write up very well!"...Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom...." Often times, what people have is knowledge [ acumination of facts, experienmental results and figures of proof], not wisdom and no matter your status, knowledge puffs up! But if a man has wisdom, the litmus test is "...a good conversation with meekness ..", which you called Humility! Nice one bro! Thank you sir! Your write up is always a blessing, thought provoking! God bless you, God bless Word of God Service!

  Oluwapelumi Johnson Olatuyi  This is Top Secret. A person that lives in Humility is a wise person.

Adegoke Victor I'm coming across this write up for the first time sir and i must confess, it really ministered to me. It's precise, complete and inspirational. Wisdom from another perspective which i think is exceptional. God bless u for this and many more coming. I've been blessed!

Favour Folorunsho  yes, very unique write up and so much more healthy for the mind, wise saying is only for the wise for it is too hard for the otherwise. ... I blessed the Lord for Pastor John A.

Nicholas Ogwuche  This piece seems to encapsulate what wisdom is all about, awaking my consciousness to the fact that wisdom is indeed the principal thing. bless you sir!

Oyediran Funmi Oyebisi Its inspiring and inspirational. I`m blessed. May the Lord bless the works of thy hands pastor.

Ajibola Christopher Thought provoking prov 4:7bkjv with all thy getting get understanding,prov17:24akjv wisdom is before him that hath understanding,17:27bkjv a man of understanding has an excellent spirit It takes the understanding of God to apply wisdom. Thank u sir. Humility, even the Almighty God says in his word to the Humble I God humble myself. There is a greater power in humility. 

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