Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Be mindful of your source of strength!

1. Pastors draw strength from the Bible, prayers, fasting and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
2. Lawyers draw strength, motivation, conviction, energy, driving force and courage from the law and the constitution.
3. The Civil servants draw strength from the scheme of service, gazette, circulars, financial regulations and constitution to mention but few.
4. Politicians draw strength from the party ideology, the masses, supporters and party structure.
5. Motivational & Public speakers draw strength from their admirers, audience and congregation. Just as Jesus’ compassion, strength and motivation came alive when He saw the multitudes.
6. Teachers draw strength from studies, books read, knowledge, research and discoveries.
7. Government draws strength from the vested power on it by the people, the numerical strength of her population and strength or army. Hmmm!

Delilah unequivocally requested from Samson his source of strength. The defiant lady was not diplomatic or minces words. She was straightforward, direct and blunt about it. Do you know or have you identified your source and place of strength, courage, motivation, inspiration, energy and driving force? Pay greater attention, guard jealously, invest, protect, preserve, secure and sustain your source, person and place of strength from Delilahs!

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