Monday, 20 February 2017

Give the devil the uppercut he deserves

Sometimes ago, the devil in his usual craft, whispered this to my mind; ‘with all your wisdom why aren’t you there?’ In a nanosecond, I remembered the bitter experiences; the losses, tears, betrayers, pains, regrets and abandonment, rejection and retrogression. My mind roamed and browsed some more. It dawned on me, and I got the message! Tears well up my eyes, but suddenly, something clicked, ‘hardly would any believe you had such experiences’, because it was not obvious to people and world around me. Why? Wisdom and wisdom principles made the difference. Consequently, I smiled and whispered back to the devil – ‘what if without wisdom how and where would I be with those experiences’? The devil couldn’t say a word. He was dumbfounded. It was an uppercut to him, he fled. It was a knock-out to the devil. Hmmmn what an experience! Every time the enemy or the devil comes to challenge your faith in your creator, asking why certain things happen in contrary to your confession, simply echo the words of Raph Emerson Waldo, ‘all I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen’, period!

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