Friday, 17 February 2017

Good Thinking…Good Products

To a large extent we are products of our environment. How organized we are mentally begins with our wardrobe, sitting room, arrangement of tables, chairs, dining table and by extension our vicinity. Our environment reveals our mindset. Dirty environment is a product of dirty mind. Dirty mind dirty thought. Dirtiness may not be revealed until sanity appeared. Just as the best way to know how dirty you are is to find yourself in a clean place. The best way to know how filthy your life is, meet with an holy man of God. The best way to know how ugly you are is to see beauty face to face. The best way to know how poor you are is to see wealth. Because, holiness is a threat to uncleaness, righteousness is a threat to unrighteousness, faithfulness is a threat to unfaithfulness, sincerity is a threat to inconsistency and truth is a threat to lies. If you doubt this, consult Prophet Isaiah in chapter six. It was when he saw how holy God is that his uncleaness and filthiness dawned on him. Therefore, envisage, project and create the atmosphere for the reality of your dreams and expectations today. Good and conducive environment enhances good thinking and good thinking according to Japanese concept is synonymous to good product.  

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