Sunday, 19 February 2017

Manage the 3

There are three (3) categories of people in your life, ministry, network, relationship, and the like.
i. Those that will use you,
ii. Those that will misuse/abuse you, and
iii. Those that will invest in you.
Without any iota of doubt or guess work, I know you will be praying seriously for the later. Nevertheless, Wisdom teaches that, you don’t need to pray for and/or against any of the three. Because, they are always there, and they will always be no matter your status in life! Funny enough, none of them is good or bad. What? Yes! You heard me right! You need all of them. Without the former there will be no later. Therefore, you need the hater before the lover will surface. Without the mean man, the main man may never show up. You need the critic for the truth to be revealed! And if there is no first, there will be no last!
Here are the takeaway for the week
i. You cannot skip the line or the process i.e. you cannot earn before you learn!
ii. Master your situation and your relationships
iii. Learn to take advantage of all your seasons.
iv. Learn to profit in all relationships and in all situations
You have my respect! As I doff my cap for you all!
Bless you powerfully!

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