Thursday, 23 February 2017

Be fired up!

These conversations ensued years ago between a mentor and a mentee. 
Dr. Emmanuel Jack playing host to his mentor – Bishop Ben Enoch of The Communion Church
Dr. Jack: I’m glad to invite to the podium, anointed man of God and apostle of the word. The man I really loved and long to be where he is today – Bishop Ben Enoch!
Congregation: A loud ovation, applause, shouting and screaming for the Bishop
Bishop Ben Enoch: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the invitation. Dr. Jack may I say this that before you get to where I am, I will no more be there! Wow! Wow! Wow!

In a mentoring forum sometimes later, Dr. Jack said he learned his lesson that day! Don’t ask me what he learned, please! Without any hidden agenda and ulterior motive – these were highly revered men of God with pure conscience and intention to one another. My point exactly;
Everyone longs to be the best
Everyone longs to be above
Everyone longs to be on top
Everyone longs to be ahead
Everyone loved to be served
Everyone loves to dominate
Everyone loves to be in charge and in control

These desires are natural phenomenon. It is rooted in humanity to exploit, explore, enlarge and better the world more than we met it. Be fired up because, somebody, somewhere, somehow is bench-marking with you! Therefore, to occupy, maintain, sustain and retain your market share, your space and relevance – you’ve got to compete, and be ahead of competition!

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