Friday, 17 February 2017

It's not about miracle but capacity!

It cost God nothing to accumulate and aggregate to you today, everything you have lost ten years ago or that you would need for the next ten years. The question is do you have the wisdom capacity to handle it? Do you have enough Wisdom to handle and manage it? It’s not enough to say, let me have it and see if I would manage it or not. By way of reminder, before seven years of abundance came the way of Egypt and the Egyptians; there was a divine seminar so to say. A divine instruction came enlightening Pharaoh, the senators and the Egyptians’ on how to prevent wastage and mismanagement of the excess. This wisdom is lacking in Nigeria governance, hence we blew opportunity in crude oil exploration. He that has ears let him hear. This is what wisdom does - distilling, teaching, and mentoring the basic and fundamental principles to safely secure the present and future without compromising values, integrity, character and standard. God is not a respecter of persons but principles. Principles are greater than miracles. Life is established and built on principles.

Can one be wise and be poor?

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