Friday, 17 February 2017

If you want a revolution; pursue your resolution!

I have decided to be wise
Nothing but wisdom matters to me
I’ll apply my heart to seek wisdom
I’ll pursue wisdom like hidden treasure
Wisdom baptism is sacrosanct to me 
Wisdom pursuit is my resolve 
Wisdom kingdom’s worth living for  
I will be full not foolish
I will open my mouth in parables
I will offer direction, stability, discretion and instruction in riddles
I will intercourse with wisdom, not just daily but per second
I will gasp for wisdom like breath
What others pray for I will prey on
What others fast for I will be smart for
I will not beg for what’s freely mine
I will not ask God to do for me what He has ‘wired’ me to make happen
I will not ‘pray-down’ the kingdom I’m to build up
With Wisdom I’ll make things happen
Darkness is light to me 
What’s hidden to others will be open to me
Where eyes stop to see – my mind starts to see
Where others see hindrances – I see instances 
Wisdom prepares my banquet  
Wisdom permeate my reigns
Wisdom prevails upon me and all mine
What about you? What’s your resolution?  

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