Friday, 17 February 2017

The tokens and the liars

Who are the liars and what are the tokens? The Liars as it were, are not the riffraff, the nonentity and the mediocre. They are not limited to the witchcraft, palm readers, fortune tellers, stargazers, sorcerers and diviners. They are rather, the gurus, the professionals, the experts, the opinion leaders, the charismatic leaders, the career persons, the specialists and the highly skilled. They are the minority few whose tokens; signature, image, status, reputation, goodwill, opinion, analysis, suggestions, counsel, advice, consultation, and findings you reject at your peril. They have all your data. They know all your secrets. Like Adigun Timothy will often say, those who know your secrets control your life. They are principalities. They carry weight. They are people of substance, timber and caliber. They are the decider of turn of events. They rule and reign. They set the ball rolling and at the same time, determine how and where it rolls. They control the game. Hence, they are strong bones difficult to crack, too powerful to ignore, too real to write-off. Amongst them were Aithophel in King’s David’s world, just imagine a coup d’├ętat by this personality against you? Ehh. If God does not frustrate him and his tokens; who shall escape?

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